Solar Energy

Sun and solar power is something we certainly have a lot of in Spain. Here at Moraira Plumbing and Heating we have several solar options available. From Solar Air Heating Dehumidifiers to ventilation and water heating, we can offer you a solution to meet all of your needs.

Our staff are experienced professionals in the installation and recommendation of solar products so you can rest assured knowing all the facts before buying. Installation is quick, clean and tidy and we would be more than happy to help you get the full benefits of your new solar system.


Many households have little choice but to dry their washing in the house in winter. It is very common for people to hang wet clothes on the radiators in the effort to dry them. However the water in the damp washing has to go somewhere and in many cases it goes into raising the humidity in your house to unhealthy levels. This creates ideal conditions for black mould and mildew and the windows of such houses often run with rivers of condensation as air borne moisture will condense on any cool surface. Living in these conditions is incredibly unhealthy and it is hardly surprising that streaming colds and bugs commonly afflict families living in these conditions. Why not give your house and family a healthy present for 2010? Getting a SolarVenti will drive out the unhealthy airborne damp, replace it with fresh warmed dry air from the SolarVenti unit and and put these problems behind you every time the sun shines.

Solar Air Heating: The larger SolarVenti dehumidifier units whilst acting as dehumidifiers and ventilators for solving damp house problems are ALSO a substantial HEAT source for your house using FREE solar air heating and FREE water heating on the SV30H model, again the running costs of this are ZERO, so no bills to pay and a further reduction in your carbon footprint.
A recent scientific monitoring of a damp house in Australia reported a 25% reduction in the space heating energy requirement over the winter quarter when an SV30 had been installed and measured at times over 2KW per hour of free energy input to the property!