Pumps And Heating

At Moraira Plumbing and Heating we offer a variety of solutions when it comes to pumps and heating for your pool. Our huge range of pumps can be installed or we offer maintenance on existing pumps. Ensuring that your pump is working properly can save you more money than you would have thought in the long run. Don’t waste any more time and money on your pool, make sure that your pump is working to it’s full potential and the rest will look after itself.

Pool Heating

If your pump is working and the pool is looking great we also offer solutions for those months where the temperature drops a little lower. Why not get the most out of your pool for more months of the year. Our heating systems might surprise you.

The massive cost once associated with heating a pool is just not the same anymore. The systems have progressed and it is now much more accessible to everyone. Do not miss out on using your pool for extra months this year.

To contact us about our pool services or for further information please fill in the contact form or feel free to call our office.