Pool covers can be a brilliant way to keep your pool cleaner and warmer for longer. Many pools are not in use during the winter months but here at Moraira Plumbing and Heating we offer solutions that can extend the usage of the pool by not just weeks but months.

Pool covers in the simplest form are a great way to keep all the leaves, dirt and other rubbish off the pool. This will mean less cleaning and more time for enjoyment. We offer several varieties and with the latest technology we ensure that you lose less water, keep more heat and enjoy your pool to the fullest. No more counting down the days until it is warm enough to get in the water or cursing the trees that drop leaves and seed pods into the pool.

It has never been easier to maintain your pool and with our pool covers your cleaning routine will need completely rethinking. Why not contact Moraira Plumbing and Heating for more information or to book your free quotation now. Start making the most of your pool.