Certification & Inspection

In Spain it is essential that your boilers and gas appliances be inspected on a regular basis. How regular can depend on age, make and other factors but a new boiler will only be guaranteed by the manufacturer if you keep up the regular inspections and can provide certification of these checks.

What many people do not realise is that when they move into a new property it is always recommended that the gas fittings and boiler be checked by a professional. Particularly if these have been unused during a period of time. An inspection is not to say that work will need doing, but it will prevent the need for major work in the future.

At Moraira Plumbing and Heating we can offer a full inspection and certification service. We work with all the major providers of boilers to offer a seamless process. We ensure that your boiler is in full working order.

Did You Know?

Have you ever wondered how safe your brightly coloured orange gas bottles is? Well, after a lot of searching on the internet DIY Dave managed to find the regulations governing its construction and testing. The standard 12.5kg Repsol Butane gas bottle is constructed to withstand a pressure equal to 3Okg/cm2 and is tested during construction. Butano engineers take a sample bottle and place this in test conditions and applying pressure until the bottle ruptures. To pass the test the breaking point must supersede B5kgfcm2, almost 3 times the normal pressure of 3Okg/cm2. This test is carried out on every one in 200 bottles and sounds quite a strict sampling and testing regime. To ensure the pressure within the bottle does not exceed the set maximum level, the valve has a pressure release mechanism. This operates when the pressure inside the bottle reaches 28kg/cm2 ensuring the standard maximum is never met but, judging by the test each sample bottle is put under, this is a very safe and secure level almost guaranteeing safe operation and storage.