Gas & Oil Central Heating

Although this is a hot climate it can be very cold and damp and many casas, villas or apartments are constructed without insulation.

Two types of fuels can be used; oil or propane gas – the system is the same whether it is for radiators or under floor heating.

You can have large propane bottles or gas tanks, or an oil tank internally or externally.

The science and technology of central heating systems is unrecognizable from what it was only a few years ago and we use our proven expertise to source and install only the finest, most technically advanced products. Our rigorous checks ensure that every product is tested for quality, reliability and performance. We also pride ourselves on installing products designed to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Slim and elegant, many of our boilers free up valuable room space and can be installed virtually anywhere in your home and every one of our stylish radiators comes complete with factory-fitted side panels and a top grille as standard. Or you can choose from our different types of aluminum radiators, which are most popular here in Spain.

High standards and performance

Every MPH product is chosen to meet only the highest standards of performance and design. Because we understand how important it is for you to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are dealing with a market leader in customer service, we go to great lengths to give you more choice. We have so many options in our range, we know we’ll find the one that will be perfect for your home.

Systems to suit your needs

When we install a central heating system, we ensure it fits around the demands of your lifestyle. By installing our latest controls, you’ll have access to an intelligent heating system that reacts to changes in temperature and provides different levels of warmth in each room, as well as giving you hot water whenever you need it. It is this passion for only installing the best, most adaptable systems at affordable prices that has earned us such an outstanding reputation. We save you money, reduce waste and make sure you can depend on the perfect ambience, whatever the season.

How do heating systems work?

A heating system consists of:

  • A boiler (the heat source)
  • A cylinder (to store the hot water for system and heat only boilers)
  • A pump (to push water around the system)
  • A timer (to turn the hot water and heating system on automatically)
  • Room thermostat (to control the temperature of the house)
  • Cylinder thermostat (to control the hot water temperature)

Here are different types of boiler:

  • Combination (or combi) boilers – heat water instantaneously on opening a hot tap, so there is no need for a storage cylinder.
  • System boilers – these are designed to generate heat for your home as well as hot water that can be stored in a separate hot water storage cylinder. This can be situated anywhere in your home with no need for a separate tank in the loft.
  • Heat only boilers – work in conjunction with a hot water storage cylinder and cold water top up tanks to provide both central heating and hot water.

The type of boiler you need will depend on a number of factors, such as the size of your house and your hot water requirements.

Replacing your Old Boiler

If your boiler is over 10 years old you could be wasting up to half the gas you buy!

Choosing a heating system with a high efficiency condensing boiler with the correct heating controls can make a huge difference to your heating bills over time.