Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is one of those things that’s easy to take for granted, if you have it, and maybe even easier to covet if you don’t. There are quite a few different types depending on individual circumstances. When we carry out one of our free surveys, we take into consideration; size of room, number of rooms, any pre-existing building work, positioning and the most suitable type. However, common to most systems is the need to have an externally mounted unit, which does the hard work of cooling the AC gas which feeds the internal unit(s).

Lets start with room size. With AC, you need to match the equipment to the room size. To small AC, and it won’t keep up with the load, too big, and the AC unit will be constantly cycling on and off, which in addition to being really annoying, actually inhibits the dehumidifying benefits of AC.

Most people just want their lounge cooling, but some want more rooms, perhaps the bedroom plus the kitchen. This is important when deciding where to put the internal and external units.

Many new buildings here in Spain come with pipework pre-installed, leaving you to select the AC equipment of your choice. It goes without saying that if this is the case, your AC system will be installed where this pipework already is. However, if you don’t have this, then during our survey, we’ll talk you through the best positions taking into consideration the aesthetics, linkage to external units and AC effectiveness.

Finally, there are many different types of AC systems. Actually, most new systems will feature hot as well as cold capabilities, so you can use them in the winter for heating. The most common we fit is a split system, 1 external unit and 1 internal unit. For multi-room systems, we fit 1 larger external unit, and feed it to multiple internal units. Some building are built with air-ducts, in this case, we fit the external unit, and position an internal unit to feed the air ducts.

Your needs are important to us. Before we recommend a system, a site-survey is often highly recommended. During the site survey, we can assess teh following and then give you honest, friendly and professional advice, and of course follow it up with a fully written quotation. Our site survey will consider:-

  • The size of room which needs cooling or heating
  • Existing installations
  • Mounting points for both internal and external units
  • Pipework location, balancing air-con efficiency, with the aesthetics of your living area
  • Your budget

Keep cool this summer! Contact Moraira Plumbing Heating for professional advice and special offers!

Air Con Unit 1

Air Con Unit 1


Air Con Unit 2

Air Con Unit 2