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Calyenty eco pool heating

New!Enjoy a warm pool and a longer swimming season with a Calyenty heat pump.

Simple and inexpensive to install, quiet and with low running costs - JUST SET YOUR PREFERRED TEMPERATURE AND ENJOY.


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Solar Enhanced Swimming Pool Heat Pump Heating Systems

Calyenty eco pool heating moraira Costa Blanca Spain

Solar powered ambient air passses through the condensor coil built into the side of the heat pump. The sun in Spain generates enough heat to make a heat pump heater very efficient, with similar heating efficiencies possible on the Costa Blanca. This form of technology for heating swimming pools in France and the UK are less efficient, however are still the most economical way of achieving heat in such a large body of water and up to 1/6 of the cost of using direct electrical induction heaters, gas or gasoil.


Spanish Swimming Pool Heat Pump Heaters Features:

Whisper Quiet, 100% Titanium heat exchanger, Hitachi Compressor, five year warranty on all major parts, stainless steel heat pump cabinet for zero corrosion even in coastal regions, massive COP up to 1:7 ratio between power consumption and calorific heat output, simple interchangeable parts, 24 hour telephone support, fantastic maintanance packages available, quick delivery service, sms message control for switching on and off and temperature change and status of the machine, water bye-pass valve for quick self install, plug and play safety electrical box for quick safe and rapid self install of swimming pool heat pump heater installation, condensation collection and recycling option to save water, winter cover, quick drain, custom wall bracket, multiple unit install option,, led Par56 pool light package option, automatic covers, pool covers, thermal covers, winter pool cover, bubble covers, mouse covers, thermal blankets, mantas thermicas, rollers and much more. Distribution across Spain (including Costa Blanca, del Sol, and Brava, Catalonia, Balearic islands, Majorca, Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Canary Islands, Tenerife, Lanzerote, Gran Canaria, Portugal, France, UK and the rest of Europe